How Can You Bring Down Custom Framing Costs?


So, you have finally decided to frame that stunning photo you happen to buy at the flea market for a cheap price. However, there is no way that you will spend a few hundred bucks so that you can frame the piece. You don’t have to worry because when it comes to picture frames, you can now bring down the costs. Yes, you can still get innovative picture frames that will not break the bank and achieve the results you want for your special piece.

Probably one of the biggest mistakes of most artists is that they often go for framing as a mere afterthought. Many of them even assume that going to a picture framing store in NYC will only make them shell out more money than what they could afford. What they don’t realize is that their choice of frame can either make or break a photo or work of art. The right frame can make even the cheapest piece look expensive or a wrong frame can make a pricey piece look dull and drab.
Custom framing is exactly what its name suggests. It is custom and it must be equivalent to buying fine furniture pieces. The hardwood and quality moulding used for frames of fine art & Giclee printing in SoHo, NYC is usually imported and in general, only the higher end framers carry a selection of hand carved and real gold leaf frames.
Frames could be made of soft woods, hard woods, polystyrene or MDF or medium density fiberboard. Colors and profiles may look the same when you go for ready made or store bought frames but expect that you will only be getting what you pay for.
If you want to save money, you can go for a smaller or narrower profile but try to avoid MDF or plastic. You can also use a single mat instead of a triple mat complete with spacers. However, you should not skimp on the preservation mounting or choose mat boards which are not of conservation quality. A regular glass is more affordable compared to museum glass but try not to forgo UV or ultraviolet protection.
Avid collectors will expect that the suitable frame styles are used according to the specific art period of the particular framed piece. For instance, the western oil paintings in style of Taos Society of Artists must have a frame appropriate to the period which is a gold leaf and closed corner one. On the other hand, for a modern cowboy painting, you can go for rustic barn wood frame for a lesser price.
If you will frame a series of paintings that will be put up in an exhibition, everything must be consistent. As they assume that the frame is not important at all, many artists tend to bargain shop at this aspect. However, as they do so, little do they know that they may actually be unintentionally reducing their work’s sales potential. As mentioned earlier, a cheap frame might make even the most expensive arts look cheap. The proper and suitable frame can further increase your work’s value.
As far as framing is concerned, you must not just think of your pocket alone. If you plan to display your work for sale or you want it to be the center of attention in your home, always consider your audience and invest in quality workmanship and materials.

Ways To Get Rid of Reflections On Picture Frames


Many people are a bit annoyed or frustrated every time they see reflections when taking photos of picture frames. Although others can easily resolve this issue through the use of some editing tools, it is still a great idea to know the ways to get rid of reflections on picture frames.

The different options for you to get rid of picture frame’s reflections are:

  • An affordable option to eliminate the annoying reflections is not using a glazing in your picture frame. The main benefit of this is reduced cost as you don’t have to think about glazing. However, this has some serious disadvantages as that artwork will not have protection from the atmospheric pollutants and curious fingers. This could also result to less protection from the UV radiation. If the artwork is glossy, you’ll still have reflections with bad lighting.

  • If you can’t control the lighting, the best option is considering non-glare acrylic or glass. This kind of glazing has an etched surface on the side, which helps lessen the reflection. The disadvantage of this option is losing a bit of sharpness and increased cost. The loss of the sharpness is proportional to the distance between the glazing and artwork. This just means that this option won’t work for the shadow box framing.


  • If you wish to use glazing, you might want to combine the typical glazing. It means glazing without built-in reflection control with correct lighting. The gallery lighting is accomplished through placing the lighting above the artwork directly and fairly close to this. It results in the light hitting your artwork at a particular angle so that you will only see reflections if you’re below the artwork.

  • The most expensive option to consider is using anti-reflection glazing. There are numerous brands of anti-reflection glazing nowadays. These kinds of glazing have an exceptional coating, which helps lessen the reflection without causing loss of sharpness. This option provides your artwork full protection with the look that has a typical glazing.

Getting rid of the reflections on the picture frames may be a simple thing to do, yet it can also be expensive and has some disadvantages. Nevertheless, if you have really decided to eliminate the annoying reflections, considering those options above can be of great help.

If you don’t know anything about the process of framing and want to ensure that the reflections will be eliminated without causing any damage to your artwork, then it might be a good idea to ask for help from professional framers. With the help of professional framers, you will be able to eliminate the reflections on your innovative picture frames effectively. They are trained and will surely make your artwork or masterpiece much beautiful without causing any possible damage on its surface.

At present, there are several picture framers offering picture framing services. But, not all of them are reliable. So, settle with the one that is known for its reputation.

Best Ways to Protect and Preserve Your Picture Frames


Photography has developed and advanced a lot over the years. Displaying those taken pictures is common and adding amazing and beautiful frames around it are a must. But the difficult part about all of this is how to protect those picture frames, as to avoid damaging these memories from different reasons. These pictures frames can fade, tear up, scratched or get cracks on the picture.


There are many mistakes that people usually make, which harm/damage the picture frames while moving or displaying. There are many stores in US and especially in New York, which provide a wide range of frame designs which makes your pictures beautiful as well protect and preserve you pictures.

It is a must for people to protect their picture frames from any kind of damage, whether it’s the weather effect or saving it from breaking. Some tips for Protecting and preserving your Picture frames are as:

  • Using the acrylic instead of the glass is good for the pictures, as it keeps the air flowing through. The air will reduce any effect of the acid that can be produced in the pictures or artwork over the time. The UV acrylic or Plexiglas is normally made for this purpose.
  • Protecting your work with the UV spray on is also very common and easily available in the framing stores. It is also affordable and easy way.
  • Your pictures can damage in any weather or environment, whether it’s moist/humid or its direct sun.  The images can fade or get yellow in the direct light of the sun. For this you can use the UV protection.
  • If the picture frame is damaged through water or moist weather, it can be difficult to restore it. If the artwork or picture is soaked, it is difficult or impossible to dry it, resulting in damaging the picture.
  • It is also possible for the pictures or artwork to be damaged by the bookworms or book lice. It can be detected by the holes in the paper. This problem can be solved with the regular cleaning of the picture frames.

Besides this, there are stores in SoHo and New York that expertise in the fine arts and the Giclée printing, which will use the ink which is fade-resistant. These stores also provide the wide range of innovative frames and UV glass for the picture/artwork frames. These frames are important for the safety of the artwork/photos.

What is the importance of a Matboard in Picture Framing?


Picture framing has been around for centuries and will never go out of style for years to come. It is the one of the most reliable methods for protecting your artwork while enhancing its look as well. Framing a piece of art requires lot more than mere design and color selection. You need to take care of a set of things including the type of mounting or foam board to be used, glazing of the front layer of frame, width of the edges, and many other things.

Gary's Cruiser april 23, 2011

One of the important components of picture framing is a matboard. Matboard is nothing but a flat piece of paper-based material that surrounds your artwork in a frame separating it from the glazing while complementing overall look of the frame. Other than that, it also provides some room between the frame and artwork. Matting(the process of using matboard) influences the overall view of your interiors as it can highlight the room decor or a particular shade in your frame. There are several reasons why you should apply matting in framing your cherished piece of work and the major ones are highlighted below.

  • Matting facilitates air circulation

    Circulation of air between your picture and the glazing material (probably plastic or acrylic) is vital. This is because in the absence of an air gap, the condensed moisture trapped between the two layers will lead to formation of uneven molds and mildews, ultimately ruining the artwork. Moreover, if your artwork is glossy, chances are it might stick to the glazing material due to tight pressure.

  • It enriches the overall appearance of your interiors

    You might be thinking how can matting affect the visual presentation at that level. Believe it or not but it does. Right matting can reflect the color of your artwork or the room it is placed in. When properly proportioned it can also visually augment the size of a smaller picture, or diminish a larger one to synchronize with the surrounding space.

  • Matboard acts as a support system for your frame

    Matting protects both framed and unframed artworks. In case of unframed artwork, it facilitates easy handling for artists and collectors by providing additional surface area to view or carry the item.

    For framed artwork, the matboard protects the support base (hinges) which holds the art in place. Artwork is usually attached to a backing board – preferable method for professional framers.

Matboards are classified into two basic types: acidic and acid free. Traditionally, acid-free material was not widely available. It has come to light only recently and is popularly used by picture framers. When it comes to choosing a matboard, you should go for a framer whom you can trust on account of his years of experience and expertise. Experience should be the deciding factor and it is your responsibility to go for a true professional who can cater to your needs. A good picture framer will help you with all the small details that goes into custom picture framing. Picture framers at Paintbox Nolita offers you the latest techniques, designs and products in the picture framing industry. Select the best custom picture frame not on the basis of price but on the basis of the effect it will produce on your artwork. Custom picture framing can be expensive but it is definitely worth every single penny spent on it.

Picture framing is much more than protecting


Unquestionably, the Custom framing methods have developed as the finest method for protecting the valuable and memorable pictures and also in enhancing the beauty of the images nowadays. Have you ever questioned why these custom photo framing services are gaining a huge fame currently?


Protection of the image

Protection of the image is something that troubles us the most. Picture frames can protect your valuable images and can also destroy it at the same time. While using a picture frame it is very much necessary to use a frame which can offer some breathing space to the image and does not affect the texture of the image. The frame can adhere to the image destroying the look of the image and quality of the photo paper.

It is due to the innovative and comprehensible features related with these framing methods. Be it a portrait, landscape photograph, marriage photograph or any other photographs, a frame can give support to the image, improve its appearance and makes it stylish.

These are some of the features which are responsible for making these pictures framing methods a perfect option for the people:

Innovative designs

The fact that these custom framing methods nowadays provide provision for many unique designs which makes them look elegant and high above the old styled photograph. The custom framing methods can add a unique design to your favorite image and it will make you happy every time you see it. It is for this reasons the customers can enjoy the option of custom photo framing services at frames store which not only protects the picture but also adds some elegant designs to it.

User-friendly Custom framing methods

This is another significant feature of custom framing methods. If you wish to do the work of framing at home, then you can easily do it. It is a quite simple task to do at home and it also helps you to save some bucks from your wallet. Some information about the materials which are used for the framing purposes and creating design on the frames can make your work easier.

Ease of carrying the photograph with you

There are many types of frame available in the frames store nowadays. Previously there were the wooden frames and the glass frames which were quite heavier than the modern frame used these days. Added to this, these frames are prone to damages from the accidental falls.

Better prices

Another feature which draws more and more persons is the beneficial and cheap prices of the modern picture frames.

You must be quite cautious while spending your valuable money on a picture frame. It is something which you are going to see regularly. You can not afford to buy a frame which makes you depressed after a while. You may find some frames very beautiful in the first glimpse, but when you starts to see it regularly you will become bore. So make a good choice regarding frames and you will never regret in later period of time.


Mirror Framing: Easy way to attract more audience


When it comes to the work of framing, most people do not put sufficient effort and time into it. So, if a person has a piece of artwork which they want to display, then it is very important they choose a suitable frame around it, which will not only match with the thing but will also make it look beautiful. The art framing in nyc provides a broad range of solutions to people’s framing problems. Framing a painting is a great designing idea. They provide people with the certainty that these frames will blend well with the painting as well as other pieces in their living or office space.


How an art framing process helps?

There are various benefits rising from an art framing process. They are given below:

  • Protection

One of the most significant reasons behind art framing is to provide a strong layer of protection for the piece of artwork. There are various types of framing process. One of the most useful ones is matting and framing. This process provides further protection to the valuable piece of artwork. Every piece of artwork has both monetary and sentimental value. So, it is necessary that people contact professionals and frame them by different framing methods like canvas framing for protecting the integrity of the piece.

  • Proper look

Many people think what custom art framing of artwork would do for them. For many people, it will help the artwork piece to be different than the rest, and this can be a major factor in art competitions as well as bids. So, various framing processes like matting and framing have an impact on the artwork. However, people must remember that the real value and beauty of an artwork is the art itself and not its custom art framing. People must also make sure that the frames are good enough to enhance it and not create a negative impression on the viewers.

  • Quality statement

Various art framing stores assure people that their frames will enhance the artwork’s quality. However, not all of them are useful or impactful, and only just some of them bring out a positive and strong quality statement of the product inside it. People should try out different kinds of framing processes like canvas framing and see which one is best for their work. They must make sure to use the frame which will provide a strong statement about the quality of the thing inside it. They should not use them just for the sake of using frames. This can lead even excellent mirror framing ideas to turn into nightmares.

So, frames are equally important and useful for every type of contemporary art and stuff done by lesser-known artists. These types of frames can be custom made for suiting the user’s specifications. There is also a different type of frames like metallic or wooden ones, so customers have a plethora of options in front of them before deciding on a particular frame. They come at various costs, so people will not face any difficulty in obtaining them.

The most important and deciding factor about the price of your picture frame is the picture framer you will go for. You should go for the one whom you can trust on account of his years of experience and expertise. Experience should be the deciding factor and it is your responsibility to go for a true professional who can cater to your needs. A good picture framer will help you with all the small details that goes into custom picture framing. Picture framers at Paintbox Nolita offers you the latest techniques, designs and products in the picture framing industry. Select the best custom picture frame not on the basis of price but on the basis of the effect it will produce on your artwork. Custom picture framing can be expensive but it is definitely worth every single penny spent on it.



The Ultimate Cheat Sheet on custom picture framing


A personalized picture frames is mainly used for enhancing the beauty and attractiveness of a particular picture or photograph. One may think that the photographers only use the custom picture frame. But this sort of conception is totally wrong. If you have a passion of photographs in you, then you can easily understand what sort of importance a picture frame actually carries.


Well, there can be found a wide range of categories for frames in the market. Of those different types, the most popular is known as the custom picture frame. Custom picture frames basically give the full freedom to the customer for choosing each and every factor in case of a personalized picture frames. Elaborately it can be said that you can choose the raw material, size, shape, color, materials mats along with all other elements of the frame you want from the maker.


Know the importance of custom picture frame

Though the importance of custom picture frame cannot be bounded any sort of limitation, but a short description regarding that is described in the following:

The first and foremost reason for choosing a museum quality framing is to decorate and beautify your home. In this case, everyone tries to make his or her room distinguished from others. To make the design unique, one would like to place the museum quality framing that would be different from others. A custom frame assists greatly in this regard. You can order the maker about your requirement for the frame you need. The maker will note down and give you the output as you expect from them.


For the newly married couples the importance of picture framing knows no bounds. The couples may want to place their wedding moment’s pictures in different shapes and sizes picture framing. For example, the couple pictures can be placed with the help of heart shaped custom art framing. This heart shape symbolizes the sign of love and bonding between the partners. The picture taken with all the family members can be placed with the square or rectangular shaped custom frame.


Use different frames to change the view

For different rooms, varieties of custom art framing should be used. For this the importance of custom frame is great because it allows the customers to choose the styles and sizes from a wide range of categories. For example, one can choose the round shaped, heart shaped, and square shaped custom frames for the pictures those are going to be placed in the drawing room. These types of frames will help to enhance the beauty of that particular room. For the living room or dining room pictures, the shapes and sizes would vary.


The main thing is that choices vary from person to person. This is why, that importance of custom frame is great for all types of people because this option allows everyone to order frames according to their individual needs and demands. With the advancement of modern science and technology, you can order for your desired custom frame sitting at your own home. You just need to visit the website for placing your order.